Monday, 5 November 2012

An Abysmal SKYFALL !!!

The Name is Bond. James Bond.

Keeping with the trend of starting up with an action packed chase sequence, Skyfall like the last two Bond movies sends thrill and expectations soaring right at the start. Music this time is much better and Adele sets up the tone with her quaint voice and singing supplemented by mosiac of skeptic Bond fighting in shadows. All of this gives a very classical look to the movie and if you are not much fan of classics, that's all Skyfall has to offer as it actually turns slow and cumbersome from here.

Daniel Craig, who proved to be a manifestation of the character Bond himself in Casino Royal, remains to be just a reminiscent silhouette. At times this serves the purpose of the script, but a viewer will be disappointed at large. Surprisingly, there is no sizzling love making scene in the movies, despite the short presence of two smoking hot and sexy ladies, and Bond is caught in yet another unfamiliar territory of romance that adds a tinge of flavour.

Craig portrays cocky, conceited and callous Bond in his indiscernible mien and austere dialogue delivery. Performances by Dench(M) and Fiennes(Mallory) are impressive and Marlohe(Severineand Harris(Eve) add lust and glamour. Bardem does well playing a villain tailored out of shadows of clownish psychopaths such as the Joker from The Dark Knight.

For the first time in the modern series Bond, like Craig, shows signs of ageing. A blessing in disguise as it seems, Bond's stubborn self projects outs as unyielding. Novelties do not stop here, as Bond is further cringing behind his gloomy past against an opponent who surpasses even his depleted former self in cunningness, technology and intent, to protect those he holds dear. This defensive Bond is a lot less tech furbished and restores to primitive tactics spelling disappointment for the tech savvy audience. Bond is exposed emotionally to an unprecedented extent.

On a finishing note, I would say this bond movie is a categorical departure from what we have seen so far, and for those of you, like me, who are looking for some innovation and emotional aspects of cinema, Skyfall could possibly be a decent watch.

Amit Kumar Koshta
PM 05:40

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